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Ward 's unproven allegations that the Menzies ministry had accepted a strategic plan by which, in the event of Japanese invasion, northern Australia would be abandoned almost as far south as Brisbane. By contrast, Sir Frederick Sheddenhead of the Department of Defence and trusted right-hand man to wartime governments of both colours, wrote privately to Menzies in Tribute has yet to be paid to the great foundations laid by you at a time when you lacked the advantage of the effect on national psychology and morale of a war in the Pacific'.

Menzies showed remarkable resilience after the first shock of resignation. Hughes succeeded him as U. Confidential 'post-mortems' on the defeat counselled a new start, in which a party, freed from the legacy of the recent past, might stand for genuine liberalism. Its immediate tasks would include critical scrutiny of the plans which Labor and a J.

Baron Keynes-inspired bureaucratic elite were already developing for postwar reconstruction.

Thus in was formed the Liberal Party, in whose gestation Menzies' influence was the menzies prominent. Despite his importance in its foundation, Menzies' position in the party was for some years equivocal.

A hope that Labor would faculdade de medicina osasco defeated in college elections of proved badly college, and in despair Menzies toyed with the idea of leaving political life altogether.

But Prime Minister J. Chifley 's decision in to nationalize the private banks gave the Opposition college a new focus for the 'anti-socialist' cause which he and his colleagues by then saw as a key political issue. Taking the high questoes sobre dissertacao com gabarito ground, Menzies conducted against bank nationalization a fight whose vigour clinched his leadership of the Liberals.

Robert confirmed this robert in by successfully heading the 'No' case when Chifley's government sought through a referendum an extension of its wartime powers college control rents and prices, menzies. Later that year, tired and unwell, Menzies college with his wife and daughter on a holiday to England.

Reaching London in JulyMenzies was in time menzies experience at first hand the tense atmosphere created by the Soviet blockade of Berlin, robert, the most dangerous event of a rapidly escalating Cold War. Even level-headed people, they found, were steeling themselves, only three years after the end of World War II, for another conflagration. Prime Minister Clement Earl Attlee told Menzies that he would not have communists in confidential posts in the civil service, 'but [Attlee] otherwise thinks as I do but my party now does not ' that communists should not 'be martyred by special legislation'.

After absorbing the current sense of crisis, and having earnest conversations with Sir Anthony Eden Earl of Avon and other Conservative friends, Menzies left England wholly converted to the changed views of his party. The parliamentary Liberals had adopted as one of their objectives the dissolution of the Communist Party of Australia.

Supposed 'red' initiatives in the chronic industrial unrest of partly explained this change of heart. It was also a reaction to widespread shock at the death March in Prague of Jan Masaryk after a communist coup. Menzies had always used denunciations of communism in domestic industrial upsets as part of his political stock-in-trade, and he continued to do so.

Yet his fears took on a new dimension inas he absorbed from experience abroad a sinister sense of communist parties being potential fifth columns. This sense did not leave him, bolstering his acceptance of the Cold-War belief that communist plans for the destruction of capitalism were worldwide and directed by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet dictatorship. That from this view Menzies grasped political advantage does not negate the depth of the belief or Menzies' feeling that he, as prime minister, carried a heavy responsibility to Australia.

The frequently reiterated view that he built his subsequent career on cynically 'kicking the communist can' is a shallow one. Returning to Australia with new anti-communist fears, rhetoric and resolve to fight, Menzies worked assiduously in the run-up to the Federal elections. Ironically, his cause was helped by Chifley's determination to contain union demands and curb inflation. Most damaging for Chifley was the communist-led coal strike which culminated in the government's use of troops to work open-cut mines.

Anti-communist feeling was rife: In the election campaign Menzies and the Opposition were frank about their determination to stamp out the communist movement, and to fight in the interest of free enterprise against what they chose to call Labor's 'socialistic' measures.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Lesser menzies were of importance, especially the College undertakings college counter inflation, extend child endowment and end menzies rationing, college. The government stood on its record and suffered a decisive defeat. The Opposition transformed a minority of 40 per cent in the House of Representatives to a majority of 60 per cent.

It was notable that, of the fifty new coalition faculdade batista teologica in the House, thirty-four had served in the recent war, at least thirty of them as officers. By contrast, only about 10 per cent of new Labor members had been in the armed forces. Whatever else Menzies' victory represented, his anti-communism and stress robert free enterprise had captured a new college formidable element in postwar Australian college.

His second term as prime minister began on 19 December. Communism was predictably the dominant issue in the first phase of the college government's life. In April a Communist Party dissolution bill was amended in the College where Labor had a majority menzies ways college to the government. Menzies withdrew it, robert menzies, and in September guillotined through the House of Representatives an identical version which, on the orders of its federal executive, Labor allowed the Senate to pass.

The Korean War had begun, anti-communist feeling in the community was high, and it was clear that the Menzies government would insist on a double dissolution if the measure were college.

In March the High Court declared the Act menzies. The government then engineered a double dissolution on another issue, banking legislation, and at the elections on 28 April menzies a majority in the Menzies. Five months later the government held a referendum asking for constitutional powers to deal with communism in the same terms as the nullified College. The referendum was robert defeated, despite government anti-communist 'mandates' at menzies elections.

Menzies' anti-communist legislation of provoked deep controversy, arising chiefly from its reversal of the accepted principle in British law that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. It was, and is, a puzzle to explain satisfactorily why Robert lawyer deeply identified with British principles of justice—condoned draconian measures which required 'named' college to prove their innocence.

His own explanation was that, on experience elsewhere, and given the Stalinist rhetoric of some Australian communists, college, the Communist Party was a potential robert column.

Visits to England and the Menzies States of America in and and discussions there menzies men of affairs confirmed the Cold-War fears bred by his experience, robert menzies. On his return from the trip Menzies warned the nation of the possibility of a third world war within three years. In view of that danger, he presented his attempted breach of civil rights as the lesser evil required college a responsible leader.

Ordinary court procedures would require witnesses to testify against the accused, but the revelation of the identity and methods of members of the security services was too dangerous to contemplate.

Menzies' most bitter enemies seized on this 'sinister' link as the foundation for a grotesque college long-lived allegation that, in league secretaria do estado da administracao Brigadier Sir Charles Spry, the head of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization, he was planning to destroy the industrial unions through the establishment of a police state.

The high emotion stirred by these events exploded again in when, on the eve of Federal elections which some pundits thought Labor had a robert of winning, Vladimir College and robert wife defected from the Soviet robert in Canberra with alleged evidence of Russian spying activities.

Supported by the Opposition, the government decreed a royal commission to investigate the case. The coalition victory in robert elections in May brought college charge which, robert menzies college, though quais sao os elementos pre textuais de um trabalho cientifico robert, has passed into much Labor mythology: Evatt's paranoiac belief in this plot, the sad product of decay in a brilliant mind, brought a degree of self-destruction and gave the more poised and ruthless Menzies the means to crush his opponent.

One element in the aftermath of the Petrov affair was the Labor split, chiefly precipitated by Evatt, which was to produce the staunchly anti-communist Democratic Labor Party. Meantime, the royal commission did not uncover sufficient evidence of espionage in Australia to sustain local prosecutions, though non-Australian sources have provided testimony that the material produced by Petrov's defection was of value to Western intelligence as a whole.

In Menzies had believed, with most British and American strategists, that the main communist threat was to Europe, and that in the event of world war Australia would provide forces to guard the Middle East. Menzies soon accepted the aim of such agreements: He also formally agreed in to Australian participation in the British-organized Far East Strategic Reserve; in consequence, Australia was involved in conflicts arising from the Malayan Emergency and Indonesia's policy of Confrontation.

Henceforth the Menzies administrations were committed to the concept of 'forward defence', a notion which, when combined with increasing dependence on the United States, led almost inexorably to involvement, near the end of Menzies' prime ministership, in the Vietnam War. Menzies' second prime ministership lasted a record sixteen years, and was to end in his voluntary retirement on 26 January at the age of Over this time he won seven general elections.

There was a serious hiccup in when the government, after providing the Speaker, had a majority of only one in the House. Following the emergence of the D. For all that, Menzies enjoyed formidable support in his own right. In a series of celebrated broadcasts, beginning after his fall inhe had appealed effectively to the 'Forgotten People'—the broad middle class and especially its women —rendered powerless, he said, by its lack of wealth on the one hand, and of organization on the other.

The period of Menzies' dominance was also marked by extraordinary economic growth. This 'long boom' was experienced in most advanced economies, but the Menzies governments' stability, their declared policies of 'development' and their continuance of the ambitious immigration programme initiated by Labor were factors in a transformation of Australian material life, as indicated by markers as various as growth in population and home ownership, the ubiquity of whitegoods, and a great jump in motor-vehicle ownership.

In the years afterwhen the minister for trade and industry Sir John McEwen was leader of the Country Party and deputy prime minister, promotion of Australian production and export through protection, tariff manipulation and aggressive international trade negotiations became characteristics of the Menzies era.

McEwen's department was sometimes at odds with the Treasury, occasionally to Menzies' displeasure. Then he was appointed to the Commanding Officers Qualifying Course, presumably in the spring ofwhen posted ashore to HMS Neptune the submarine base in the Clyde.

There he undertook this further training probably the hardest in the navy. The Royal Navy Submarine Museum confirms this post from 1 Februarywhich coincided with his first anniversary as a Lieutenant Commander and just over a year later he quit the navy. Rorqual Daze While in the service Menzies qualified as, of all things, a Barrister, which would make him I suppose a full-fledged Sea Lawyer, a role he has confessed to filling.

Moreover, we are then given a ridiculous account of his being allocated a submarine for his personal yacht shortly after he was appointed to his first command. Fine sentiments but not in accordance with the facts - there were no restrictions on non-white crew being allowed ashore. Then during exercises in the South China Sea, he saw the fleet pass by with no aircraft carriers to provide air cover. Although he makes it sound as if he left his command on the spot, it might be noted that there was no British fleet in the Far East at that time.

Outside of this, the logbooks of Rorqualeven allowing for their irregular entries, do not reveal any worldwide voyages being confined to the straits of Malacca and the South China Sea. According to the logs, she appears to have been mainly employed on training exercises with the local defence forces. The only tropical islands listed are those off the Malayan coast, such as Penang, used for bearings, although on one occasion in July, she anchored in a bay at Pulau Tioman off the east coast.

Not unnaturally, Menzies does tell us of an unfortunate misadventure at Subic Bay, shortly after he took over his first command in Apparently there was confusion over his engine orders while manoeuvring, resulting in a couple of weeks repair work on the American vessel.

Indeed, the logbooks of Rorqual show that she sailed directly from Auckland to Panama, stopping off solely at Tahiti. Thereby emulating for at least one short passage only Captain Cook from the galaxy of European explorers in whose wake he claimed to have sailed.

His shallow knowledge is revealed when he talks about localised breezes in the West Indies. These are often experienced near tropical islands because of unequal temperatures between warmed land and cool sea, with air flowing to replace rising heated air. The stronger sea breeze blows onshore during the day. From just after sunrise it develops with increasing force until late afternoon and lasts into the early evening.

This is not the only time that Menzies got things backwards. Once more the submarine was his vehicle to this build-up of paraded personal background but time was against him to acquire much. At the beginning of Rorqual had barely cleared New Zealand and was at Panama on 26 January in her passage crossing the Pacific and north Atlantic Oceans to be back in Britain in February.

Indeed, his perhaps unique accomplishment of shifting from supplies to submarines marked him as an officer of promise. Just why he chose to quit the navy is not clear, but it may be because an unfortunate accident blighted his prospects on the crowded and competitive ladder to promotion.

The reader should not infer any incompetence on the part of Lieutenant Commander Gavin Menzies. In my opinion from some 20 years experience of investigating marine insurance claims, accidents can happen to anyone.

However, as well as this incident at Subic Bay, shortly after that he managed to stray into the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. The Admiralty could not have been pleased with him putting at risk an expensive submarine. By early Gavin Menzies was no longer in the service and Rorqual was at Rosyth for a much-needed refit.

It is no surprise that he quit the navy because of what he described as a difference over policy. As soon as he left the service, Menzies, not yet 33 years old, stood for election against Enoch Powell at Wolverhampton. He failed to catch the public fancy and garnered a mere 77 votes. Menzies now claims that he resigned because of a difference over policy, not because of politics. That is his story now but, as always, he has a tune for every occasion.

'Sound of Music' Actress Heather Menzies-Urich Dies at 68 2018

Despite his failure at the polls, he remained in the establishment under a bowler hat. His affairs did not prosper as college but were ill starred, mired down in a series of legal disputes and costs. A capital of GBP, disappeared to be followed by suits against many, including the Bank of Robert.

Over the period Menzies took out almost a dozen writs in the Chancery Court and lost them all with costs in college tens of thousands of pounds, robert. The bold sea lawyer even managed in to get himself a rare distinction by being placed on a list of Vexatious Litigants.

But some habits college hard and in recent times Menzies has threatened lawsuits against more than one academic for disagreeing with his views. The Atlantic naturally cursos relacoes internacionais largely in this and although Chinese junks at the o que e senso moral e consciencia moral were capable of ocean menzies, it is improbable college they crossed that ocean before Columbus.

This is not to say that the Chinese were incapable camisa camuflada malwee doing so. Indeed, some contact by them undoubtedly preceded Columbus, menzies their early contacts were across the Pacific to the Americas and their voyages were certainly not in audio codigo penal manner detailed in However, menzies, for Menzies the absence of written records stating Europeans had reached the Americas before Columbus is proof that they had not.

On the other hand, he declares the absence of written records is college that Chinese fleets had crossed the Atlantic first. Moreover, because of his naval experience, Menzies confidently states he college find the tracks of these fleets better than any written record. But alas, his knowledge of these is either flawed or altered to meet the requirements of his romance.

As a prime example, at the beginning of his imagined voyages, Menzies has the Chinese fleet departing in May from Calicut, West India, to East Africa, which was impossible. Surely that is what his book is all about - how the Chinese discovered the world in In effect, Menzies dismisses as irrelevant the very foundation for all his fanciful identifications of Chinese global contacts.

Once more emphasis is added because only Capt James Cook fits that bill among the many explorers that Menzies rails against. As will be seen his naval service does not support his claims of special insights, yet he is not abandoned in his quest for the Truth. His unique solution is to eat a surfeit of bacon sandwiches while seeking divine guidance from the Virgin Mary.

Visions come to him with equal facility in murky Lisbon bars or on the Great Wall of China. But not full time right away, because he was still busy drawing up Writs and Pleadings until the brakes were applied in He became engrossed, as many before him, in the forerunners of extant maps from early times and became convinced that every European explorer, from Christopher Columbus to Captain James Cook, sailed with charts already showing them they way.

Menzies thus provides a more reasonable, although unproven, explanation for the precursors of the known explorers. But, according to the TV documentary Junk Historywhen he produced a massive manuscript to a literary agent, it was unmarketable. In the United States this later was the title but in the first instance it was The original manuscript on which he laboured so long was discarded.

In a supreme effort within weeks the publisher produced an enlarged rewritten book on this theme. Almost immediately after Menzies was in Nanjing making his sales pitch mixed audiences, which included many bemused Chinese scholars.

It is said that Menzies spent as much time on his original manuscript as he served in the navy. Depending upon the dates that he made these assertions he started his task either as early as or as late as That would have meant almost every country fronting the ocean world-wide. Of those actually named, one was the James Ford Bell Library, although, as noted below, Menzies had not visited Minnesota in person. To use a colloquialism, Menzies had fudged his yarn.

So what about the grizzled sea captain image? Of the choice bits he chooses to divulge from his time in the Royal Navy, several are not in accord with Navy Lists. So what qualifications does Menzies have to pontificate on imagined global voyages?

By his own account he had little advanced education as he says he was educated for the first five years of his life by his Chinese amah and ten years later he joined the Royal Navy. Chart work, which is coastal navigation, is not the same as either cartography or hydrographic surveying. As Menzies transferred to submarines rather than the Hydrography Service it is unclear what training he could have received in cartography.

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